Get Rewarded!

With a credit or debit card from Bank of Travelers Rest


hat's right!  The ScoreCard® bonus point program that our customers enjoy on their Bank of Travelers Rest Visa® credit card is now part of our debit card program.  This allows you to earn bonus points for everyday purchases at retailers nationwide.  Now you can earn points toward valuable merchandise and travel even if you only have a debit card with Bank of Travelers Rest.

Here's how the program works:

For every $1 you spend on your Bank of Travelers Rest Visa® credit card, you'll earn one bonus point.  And for every $2 you spend on your Bank of Travelers Rest debit card, you have the potential of earning 1 bonus point.  As bonus points accrue, you can redeem them for merchandise, gifts and travel.  Bonus points may be redeemed with as little as 700 points.

How do I earn bonus points?

Points are earned on both cards based on qualifying purchases, most of which are at point-of-sale terminals (or registers).   However, in order to earn points on your debit card, you must select credit when asked how you want your transaction processed.  So when given the choice, "Debit or Credit," say credit and you'll earn points for that transaction.  Points are earned on your credit card anytime it is used.  Bonus points are earned on your debit card only when you don't enter your PIN.  Neither card earns bonus points on transactions that are considered cash advance.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards both offer ScoreCard® rewards.  Can I combine my bonus points?

Absolutely.  Bank of Travelers Rest made the decision to add ScoreCard® to our debit cards as a way of further benefitting the relationships that our customers maintain with us. Beginning May 1, 2012, your bonus points can be combined between your personal debit and personal credit cards.  You may even combine business debit card rewards points with business credit card rewards points. 

In addition, cards held within the same household can combine bonus points.  This is known as householding.  Householding is at the customers' discretion and may be added or reversed at anytime.  The easiest way to household cards within your portfolio is to visit the ScoreCard® website at

If you don't have access to online tools, someone in your local branch can assist you with setting up the householding option on your bonus points.  Householding your rewards points is optional and is not automatic.

Do my bonus points expire?

Yes.  Bonus points do expire.  Effective April 1, 2012, you have 5 years to use your bonus points.  Having 5 years to earn points makes it easier to set goals, earn bonus points and redeem those bonus points for merchandise and travel that is truly a benefit to the customer.

How do I track my bonus points and redeem them when I'm ready?

Tracking and redemption is as easy as using the ScoreCard® website  There, you can set up your account and more readily track your bonus points as they accrue.  You can browse the catalog and sort items based on the number of bonus points required for redemption.

Another tracking device is through your monthly credit card statement.  And for customers who only have debit rewards,  a quarterly ScoreCard® statement will be mailed to the address on file. 

This all sounds good.  How much does it cost?

Nothing.  ScoreCard® has been part of our credit card program for some time and is offered as  a customer benefit.  Adding it to our debit cards provides the same benefit to our customers and rewards them for their loyalty.

I'm excited.  How do I sign up for ScoreCard®?

Sign up is automatic.  Credit card customers have enjoyed ScoreCard® for several years.  Debit card customers will automatically be enrolled beginning April 1, 2012.  Customers will begin earning bonus points on non-PIN based transactions on their debit card on that date.

I don't think this is for me.  How do I opt-out?

Opting out is as simple as contacting our Customer Support Center.  A representative will take the appropriate steps to ensure that you are no longer enrolled in ScoreCard®