OLB Facelift


Logging into online banking will look a little different starting April 20th, 2017!  Although things look a little different, you will still log on through our home page using the drop-down menu on the left.  

And although the look has changed, your user ID and password have not changed.


Once you have logged into online banking, you’ll notice some visual changes as well as some minor changes to make navigating the site a little easier.  For a detailed listing of changes you will notice, look below.  We have included explanations and screenshots to help you better navigate the changes.


Log in

Simplified one page log-in process for all customers. Currently, the system asks for you to enter your User ID on the home page of our website and later are prompted to enter your password.

 Online Banking Rebrand New Login Screen 

Simplified Home Page

The new Home Page has a streamlined look that presents the most commonly used functions after the login process. Customers can easily access account balances, transfers, recent transactions and bill payments from the home screen. Transactions are presented newest to oldest without having to select current or previous statement making it easier to review and monitor transaction activity.

Online Banking Rebrand NEW Home Screen

Intuitive Navigation

Functionality and features including transfers and transaction activity are on the same page. This reduces the number of “clicks” it takes to access the functions within the account options. Customers will be able to efficiently manage activity and perform functions from one page.

Online Banking Rebrand Intuitive Screen

 Transaction History Layout

Transaction history is combined into a single page to make it easier to track activity.  

Online Banking Rebrand New Transaction Screen

Simplified and Improved Transfer Feature

The transfer process has been streamlined. Customers can access the express and scheduled transfers within the same screens, enabling quicker initiation of one-time and recurring transfers.

Online Banking NEW Transfer Screen

Bill Pay Integration

Bill Pay no longer launches in a second browser window, providing more convenience and security.

 Online Banking Rebrand NEW Bill Pay Example